Our Story

Background Behind the Madness

The restaurant was founded by 3 modern women from different working backgrounds. Our sole purpose of opening this restaurant is to bring a little slice of Japan to the neighbourhood of TTDI.

Aside from the variety of Yakitori and Maki options available, Sticks N Maki’s intention is to provide a great new casual hang out spot with a comforting and cosy ambience.

The Food We Serve

Whilst Sticks N Maki specialises in Yakitori (Japanese Skewers) and Maki (Japanese Rolls), the menu extends beyond just that. We offer a delectable range of appetizers, fresh salads, hearty rice bowls, noodles and much more.

The food is further complemented with a wide range of Japanese influenced beverages straight from our sleek and edgy bar upstairs. Our bar offers many different cocktails, sake, wine, whisky and other spirits to spice up your evening!

Chef Background

Being a Malaysian brand (and proud), one of Sticks N Maki’s mission is to embrace our local culinary talents. Carefully selected from a highly competitive pool of applicants, all of our chefs are well-trained and highly experienced with the Japanese culinary world.

Their aim is to serve and provide you with an authentic Japanese dining experience made from the highest grade of ingredients. We believe that there are many Malaysians in the Japanese food industry who are supremely talented but often overlooked, and they deserve a place to display their craft.